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3 Proven Strategies for Writing Google Adwords Ads That Get Results

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If you’re looking for some of the most targeted traffic on the net, then PPC and Google Adwords can help you out. If you’ve been having some trouble with ad copy, then do continue with this article because in it we go into how to produce higher converting ad copy.

Avoid being cute or clever with ad copy – make your point and give solid information. There is not enough space to mess around, and that is why you must get to the point quickly and clearly. Keep in mind that Google AdWords limits the title count to 25 characters and description to 35 characters. Your PPC (classified) ads must out of necessity be short and to the point. How much time will your fabulous ad copy have to convert someone? Oh… 3 seconds, maybe? Don’t get too upset about it because we all do the same thing when we see ads? Right? Even you… If you want to add another filtering element to your ads, then be bold and insert your price point in the ad. Obviously price matters, no kidding, so it’s important to know that anyone who clicks on your ad with the price in it should be accepting of the price. We feel it’s a wasted click through if the price is too high; so if they see the price and still click through – better.

The display URL is often ignored by some PPC advertisers, but that is a mistake because you can benefit from parts of it. Look for yourself, and you will quickly notice that some display URL’s are not being used properly. Lots of marketers, or PPC advertisers, have proven that the display URL comes into play with click through rates. As long as the destination and main domain match, then you can have a little bit of room to play with. What you will want to do is use your keywords in the display URL; usually as a backslash or filename extension.

Find the best benefit about your product or service, and then express that in your ad copy. When in doubt – test, and so just do some split testing with a short list of what you consider to be the best benefits of your product, or service. Your market audience will let you know if you’ve done your job. If you’re not sure about the difference between a benefit and a feature, then that is something you need to do some research about.

The Adwords ad copywriting tips we’ve talked about will only be as effective as you’re willing to make them; keep taking action and continuing to learn. Ad copywriting is not rocket science, but if you want to learn how to do it well you’ll need to study, practice, and keep moving forward.

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