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Affiliate Marketing for beginners- How to Make Sure Your Niche Market is Profitable!

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Before you start any Affiliate Marketing Campaign after selecting a product is your must confirm there is in fact a market or a demand for that product. This is a vital step as your campaign success will be dependent on it. If you select the wrong market or niche, the chances of a profitable endeavour will be low to nonexistent.  So what aspects of the your niche should you be looking at to confirm there is a viable market?

1:Check there is a genuine demand of the market. You will want to make sure that the market size is big and they are willing to spend money to get access to the information that will help them to solve their problem. If there is no demand for the information that you are providing, it means that the market is not profitable or you will not be able to sell your products to enough people to make the business profitable.  

2: Research whether there are any websites where the customers in the niche you’re interested in are frequently visiting for more information and knowledge. Ways of checking this are through  article directories, blogs and forums.  These sites provide consistent and relevant information on the market and niche you are researching. Finding many people looking for that information simply means there is a genuine demand for the information and product and this means profit.  

3: Monitor and gage the competition in the market place. It’s a simple fact that most successful affiliate marketers will only sell products in viable and profitable markets. The trick here is to see if there are a good number of different products that are being offered in this market. Merchants and developers will only make products where there is a demand.  Many products means there is demand which means a greater chance of real earnings.  

4: Focus on how you can get your place in the market or your market share. This simply means driving as much traffic as possible to your website so that more people and potential customers will be aware of your offer. This will improve your page ranking and help bring in sales.  

Research these simple aspects of your niche market and if they are all positive the chances of having a successful website in that niche and earning real money from that niche is assured.  Don’t cut corners by not doing this vital research.  Finally  promote aggressively once you have chosen the your niche market so that you can get your market share and profit.  


Martin Andrews is a internet marketer specializing in affiliate marketing. He is passionate about the complexities and profit potentials in Affiliate Marketing and with his success wants to share with others the knowledge that he has found and developed with online affiliate marketing.

Martin attributes his success to Ewen Chia and his great book “How I made my first million on the internet and how you can too ” and it companion course the “Internet Millionaire System. For further information on these products please visit my site at and blog

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