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Stock market trading with Equity Feed

EquityFeed has achieved this through an algorithmic-grade ticker plant and proprietary client-side compression technology.

Data that is clean and simple to use. Reducing clutter makes it easier for you to access the data you need to make trading decisions. Unlike others tools we’ve tried, EquityFeed places a strong emphasis on making their tools easy to read and interpret – the super-slick user-interface clearly reflects that.

TradeConnect gives TD AMERITRADE™ account holders the ability to trade directly through EquityFeed’s proprietary trading platform.

An unwavering commitment to innovation and education, with their video tutorials and weekly webinars.You cannot always pick the highs and lows. Try and stay near the support and resistance levels when making a stock or especially a forex trade. The more you learn how to read stock and forex charts the less risk you will take when trading.

 Make sure not to trade more then you can afford to lose. Don’t over leverage your trading account make sure to keep some cash on the sidelines. Keep trades to a minimum especially if you are trading on margin however you should not trade stocks this way. Don’t trade out of boredom many time there are no trade to take. A trader needs to be patient. All your doing is giving money to your broker by trading this way so wait for the right entry to place your buy order.

One of the most important things you need to have is a trading plan. Trading the stock market without a plan is cause for disaster. Stock traders need to have money management and risk management ideas in their plans. No matter if you trade stocks or the forex markets you need to know appropriate position sizing number of lots, option contracts or stock shares that you can trade in your trading account. trading more then two percent of your account will separate you from your money and only take a few losing trades to empty your account.

The latest evolution of EquityFeed provides subscribers with:

Equity feed

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